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Term deposits without interest.

For the first time, we'll offer term deposits that pay profit share, not interest - so you can grow your savings without riba.
We'll let you know the moment
we're ready to launch.
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Earn profit, not interest
on your savings.

Wakala-based term deposits 

How does a Wakala term deposit work?

Our Term Deposits use the Islamic principle of Wakala (agency), and are approved by our Shariah Committee.

You select the term

From the available terms, you select how long you wish to deposit your funds with us for, open an account and deposit the funds.

You appoint us as your agent

As part of opening your Term Deposit Account, you agree for us to act as your agent (Wakeel). In doing so, you empower us to invest your funds in Shariah-compliant income generating activities. We only invest your funds in socially and environmentally friendly industries. We do not invest funds in haram industries, such as gambling, tobacco, etc.

We share profit with you

At the end of the term, we share the profits generated with you. You can then choose what to do with your funds; reinvest deposit plus profit, reinvest the deposit and have the profit paid or withdraw the entire balance.

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